YouTube TV

My Favorite New Products – YouTubeTV

You probably already have a smart TV and maybe you’ve subscribed to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or any of the others but do you still have cable supplying all your local channels?

Our cable bill was getting out of control (over $300 per month-included internet) so when we recently moved to an area of Cave Creek that isn’t served by a cable company, we had to search out alternatives for all our favorite channels and shows. I opted to go with Youtube TV but you can compare many of the details yourself with this article
These services allow you to get local Valley channels along with some of the most popular “cable” channels. We are now paying $65 per month plus the internet services fees which we pay Verizon just $50 per month for a 4G network box that is working very well so far. They also offer 5G options in some areas.

It does take a little time to get used to it as it is a little different than traditional cable but there are a ton of “On Demand” options as well as the ability to record shows to watch later – in fact, Youtube TV actually makes suggestions. It also gives you the ability to set up as many as 6 family members with their own preferences and place to store their recorded shows. More information can be found here  

Feel free to ask me questions about it anytime! Call me at 602.799.7335