Here is an example of videos I do for remote buyers so they can better visualize the layout of homes that may be of interest to them. Many listings only provide highlight photos that don’t necessary show what is it like to walk into the home or how it flows. These videos aren’t designed to be quite as good as a professional listing video or take the place of the listing photos but it does enhance the ability for a buyer to evaluate the home.

Although I often add music and sometimes other comments, I also try to focus on things that are important to my client. In this case, my client has a desire for a quiet backyard with no road noise. Google maps showed that road noise might be an issue so I added some shots of the road behind the backyard wall.

I have seen other agents using Facetime or other similar live video but I think the YouTube video allows for multiple views, pauses, and even sharing to family/friends. I have seen some videos get dozens of views by the same client even after they go under contract so they can make preparations for furniture and possible updates or changes that they are considering.

Let me know if I can help you or someone you know from out of state that might be interested in a home in the Valley.