RING Cameras

My Favorite New Products – RING

You’ve certainly heard about the RING Camera Doorbell and seen the videos of people tripping, slipping and/or running off with Amazon packages.
However, maybe you’ve been afraid of the effort/complexity or cost it would take to add one of these to your home. It always seemed difficult and expensive to run wires for such a device. The only friends you had that did it themselves were engineers or tech geniuses.

And what if you want additional cameras throughout your home to create a proper security network? Even if you found a system that could function through your wireless network, you still need power right? Who has outlets high up on the exterior of the house?
Thanks to the RING battery operated system of products, I now feel like a TECH GENIUS (without really being one). We are renovating our new home so we wanted to quickly add some cameras to monitor the home when we weren’t there.

We started with the Ring 4th Generation doorbell (battery model). It took more time to gather my drill & drill bits than any other part of the installation. I do recommend connecting the door bell to your WIFI first to make sure you can get the right camera angle before attaching it to your house.

With a very busy front door due to renovations, we are having to recharge the battery about once per month but the other cameras with less activity can last a few months or more. Even better though, you can also purchase a solar panel charger from Ring for about $40 that keeps the batteries continuously charging with no need to change batteries. I did this for three of my cameras and they work great- doesn’t work for my doorbell because it is always in the shade (but easy to change the battery by having an extra one charged – the App even lets you know when battery is starting to get low!

Another great feature is that the cameras even record sound and you can actually talk to someone through the camera as well as set off an audible alarm to scare them away – it’s hilarious to do to nosy neighbors… 😉
You can purchase these cameras/doorbells from numerous stores locally or online such as Lowes, Best Buy, or Amazon. I recommend getting the latest models so you have all the best features. There is no monthly fee required but for $10 per month or $100 per year you can have your recordings saved online for up to 6 months.  

Feel free to ask me questions about it anytime! Call me at 602.799.7335