Dale recently conducted an estate sale for his mom and we went through quite a process to make it happen including utilizing more than 200 man hours of time from himself & family members.

Deciding whether to conduct an estate sale yourself or hire a professional depends on various factors, including your time, expertise, emotional capacity, and the size and complexity of the estate. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Scope and Complexity of the Estate:
    • Large Estates: If the estate is large, with a significant number of items or valuable assets, hiring a professional estate sale company may be more practical. They have the experience and resources to handle complex sales effectively.
  2. Time and Effort:
    • DIY: Conducting an estate sale yourself requires a substantial time commitment. If you have the time, organizational skills, and energy to manage the entire process, doing it yourself may save money.
    • Professional: Hiring an estate sale professional can relieve you of the burden and time-consuming tasks associated with organizing, pricing, and conducting the sale.
  3. Expertise:
    • DIY: If you have experience in sales, marketing, and pricing items, you may be equipped to handle the estate sale. Knowledge of antiques, collectibles, and market trends is beneficial.
    • Professional: Estate sale companies have expertise in pricing items appropriately, attracting buyers, and managing the logistics of the sale.
  4. Logistics and Advertising:
    • DIY: You will need to handle logistics such as advertising, setting up the sale, and managing crowds. Effective marketing is crucial to attract a good number of buyers.
    • Professional: Estate sale professionals have established networks and know how to market the sale, attract potential buyers, and manage the logistics effectively.
  5. Cost Considerations:
    • DIY: If you have the time and skills, doing it yourself can save money, but you need to consider the value of your time and the potential for lost revenue due to lack of experience.
    • Professional: Estate sale companies charge a percentage of the total sales, and you should weigh this against the convenience and expertise they bring. Most in the Phoenix, Scottsdale areas charge 35 – 40% of the gross sale amount and some also have a minimum charge that must be met.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. If in doubt, consulting with a professional estate sale company for an assessment may help you make an informed choice.